Exploring The Guinness Lake, County Wicklow

A colleague of mine recently told me about The Guinness Lake, a valley that hides itself in the Wicklow Mountains and looks just like a pint of the black stuff! I’m not one to turn my nose up on a trek up a mountain so off we went exploring.

The Guinness Lake, or Lough Tay as Google Maps refers to it, is really easy to get to by car. It is just a short drive from Dublin City Centre (1 hour or so) and I’m pretty sure there are tours that venture up.

Once we made it up to top of the mountain, we actually took a wrong turn. Instead of walking towards The Guinness Lake we actually started making our way to Lough Dan instead! While it was really beautiful, we definitely were not dressed for this sort of walk. Once we realised our mistake, the climb back uphill was intense! At the top we hopped back in the car and drove a little bit further up the hill. We spotted the actual Guinness Lake viewpoint, and just wow. It was totally worth every minute. The view was incredible.


On the way down, we passed by the two young boys who made the news recently with their unique business proposition – photo with a lamb! This time they had goats and I can safely say that they are just as cute.

goat, guinness-lake

If you’ve never been, plan that trip immediately. You will thank me after.