Strolling Around Saint Anne’s Park, Dublin

Saint Anne's Park

Most of you who follow me on Instagram and snapchat know that I love being outside, and also that I hate sitting still. I just can’t do it! It drives Andrew and my friends nuts, especially when we are on holidays together. That being said, last weekend I decided to take it easy and the most adventurous thing I did was go for a walk in Saint Anne’s Park.

I used to live in the area and adore it so much. Normally I head to the coast to be by the sea, and to clear my head. This time, however, I brought Andrew and Bailey on an adventure to Saint Anne’s Park for a wander and to pay a visit to the Rose Garden. If you haven’t already been, you should add it to your list. It is such a hidden gem in Dublin and not many people know about it.

Saint Anne's Park

Brunch Spots Nearby…

Within walking distance from Saint Anne’s Park you will find some of the nicest coffee and brunch venues in Dublin – in my opinion! So if you are up for making a day of it, I would definitely recommend any of the following:

The Pigeon House
This is my favourite brunch spot in Dublin. No joke. The menu is quite varied with both healthy brunch and lunch combos in there to suit everyones tastebuds.  The coffee is top notch and the interiors knock it out of the park.

Ebb & Flow
If you are looking for a hipster coffee spot, but don’t want to rock into town. This is the place for you. The coffee is delish and their selection of sweet treats is delightful (get the chocolate, peanut butter square…I dare you!

This is probably the oldest, and most well known venue along the coast for weekend brunch. What I love about Bay is the healthy vibe.It is always busy at the weekend so I recommend you book a table to avoid disappointment. I normally get the french toast with berry’s and it is hard to compete with it!

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