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  • “She always preferred sunrises over sunsets...she liked beginnings” - @butterfliesrising
  • “She always sat near windows, so she could touch the clouds” @atticuspoetry 💭💙
Less than three weeks until I’m back doing what I love most. Greece, I can’t wait to see you again 🇬🇷
  • Another day, another photo from Ibiza. This one was taken on #besobeach in Formentera. I can’t say it’s the prettiest beach on the island, but it’s definitely worth a visit 🌍💙
  • "She sprouted love like flowers, Grew a garden in her mind, And even on the darkest days, From her smile the sun still shined.” 🌺 @thepoeticunderground #erinhanson
  • “She was not perfect, she was just stuck, in that pretty little zone between sunsets and moonlight” @clintonpoems #clintonpoems
  • Such a stunning dinner with a view @savannahibiza to end the best holiday with @katieellenjudge 🍹💛
  • Here's to a love that is patient. A love that is calm and feels no rush. When you can ignore the expectations and deadlines that society puts on you and enjoy the incredible journey at your own pace. Falling in love more and more with each day and every experience 🌍💙 @momentaryhappiness
  • “Some people are lost in their heads, some people are lost in their hearts, and some people feel so lost they find the most beautiful places, that some of us will never live to find” @rmdrk 💙🌍
  • The view from above 💙🌍
  • “She was like the sea, always reflecting the stars in the night sky, always reflecting others’ beauty. I never understood why, since she had so much of her own to share” @arianapoetess 💗

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