Travel Tip Series – #2 Budget For Essentials

I hope you all enjoyed my first travel tip on the importance of flexibility – next up (albeit a day late!) is budgeting for essentials.

Travelling can be expensive. All of the little items required before even stepping on to a plane can all add up.  From travel insurance to vaccinations, these small and seemingly inexpensive costs could have an impact on your trip if you don’t budget for them in advance.

Travel vaccinations

It is important to get your travel vaccinations before you leave. Some cities don’t allow you to enter without proof of certain vaccinations (yellow fever is a big one for those travelling to Central/South America). With many areas marked as high risk, I would recommend that you take every precaution.

We required typhoid, tetanus, hepatitis A and opted to get the Rabies vaccines also. As we were travelling to the Gili Islands, Lombok and areas of Palawan we also require anti-malaria tablets for the duration of our stay there. All in all these set us back about 250 euro each.


It is so important to have travel insurance when travelling for a long period of time. From whale shark diving to bungee jumping, we will be participating in many adventure activities that may have an element of risk associated with them. While we hope nothing goes wrong, I always feel it is better to be safe than sorry later (especially when it comes to my life!).

Both myself and Andrew have our own personal medical insurance. We then topped it up with a single trip covering us for the duration of our stay. Travel insurance also covers the loss of baggage, missed flights, abandonment of flight, loss or theft of identification and many other travel related mishaps.

Insure and Go offer many different levels of cover.  So make sure to do your research and check that you are covered for any activities you know you will be participating in.  The insurance we went with was from a company called Insure and Go. We opted for a couples policy and cost us just over €260 for the duration of our trip.

On top of this, we will need to get gadget insurance as we have a lot of equipment including phones, laptops, cameras and a drone that we will be taking with us. This is likely to set us back another few hundred euro.


Most places we will travel to allow entry for Irish citizens for up to 30 days without a Visa. Vietnam is an exception to this, and requires an application for entry. The cost of the visa was approximately €60 and it was something that we hadn’t accounted for in our budget. If you are travelling from outside Ireland, be sure to check your entry requirements.


The weight of the luggage you bring should be carefully considered. Most airlines include 30kg bags for long haul flights. For short domestic flights this additional 10/20kg will cost you extra, so it’s an important decision to make up front with effects on the trip as a whole. I recommend you try and limit your luggage to just carry on, so that you can save on this expense. However, if you feel that this is impossible (like me!) perhaps a 20kg bag will do.

Let me know if these tips have been useful for you so far or if theres anything you’d like to see more of by commenting below.