The Best Coffee In Chiang Mai

After spending a month in Thailand, I can hands down say 1. That I have missed good coffee 2. Chiang Mai has the best coffee in Thailand and even gives Ireland a run for its money! There is a huge coffee culture there and even since the last time I visited the number of trendy coffee spots has grown significantly. Here are our top picks:


This cute little no fuss shop is located in what we noticed to be the student side of town, in the middle of nowhere to your average tourist. We actually found out about it from someone we follow on Instagram as they posted a picture sitting outside it. We ordered coffee, a granola bowl and also banana and peanut butter on toast and just wow. The food was amazing. The coffee was deliciously smooth. All in all a great find.

coffee chiang mai coffee in chiang mai

Bull & Bear

Also located in the student quarter is Bull & Bear cafe. This place was more laid back and chilled and was more a place to get some work done while drinking good coffee. Andrew got the bull and couldn’t stop talking about it!

bull and bear coffee


Graph Cafe is more on the speciality artistic coffee scale. It took about 5 minutes to prepare each drink and the barista was only focused on making one at a time. It almost seemed like an experiment. There were viles of syrups, droplets for herbal essences and jars of floral garnishes. Each coffee had its own secret ingredient and came served on a wooden board with a recipe card. Definitely not your average coffee shop but 100% one for instagram.

graph coffee


Fahtara is located in the old town of Chiang Mai and right next door to the Fah Lanna Spa (You can read more about that here!). We went here one evening when it was heavily raining to get out of our hotel room. One thing that I loved about this place was the decor. Wooden chests for tables and big woven cushions. Bright colours mixed with earthy tones. I could have sat there all night. They also offered a variety of cakes and desserts including the Thai favourite mango sticky rice.

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