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Hair Extensions? My Top Five Must Have Products

There’s no denying I have gone through some good, bad and just ugly hair transformations. Short. Long. Blonde. Brunette. Black. Even Red. I have literally tried it all. Am I happy with it? Of course. Do I still change it all the time? Absolutely. I like change, and my hair style is no exception to this.

Currently my hair is long, using Goldfever Extensions that I got applied in Zero One Salon in Greystones. I absolutely love the flexibility that extensions give. Although it comes at a quite a steep cost, the confidence boost that it can give is not comparable to anything else. GoldFever have been the best that I have tried so far. Not only are they thick, the bonds are also so tiny and compared to other brands, they are definitely more resilient. My current set are in for almost three months now, and I have only lost 2 bonds!

When it comes to styling them, there is so much you can do. Here are a list of my top hair tools and products that I use almost every day.

InStyler 32mm Curling Iron
I have been using the InStyler Curling Iron since I got my first set of Great Lengths about three years ago, and it is definitely the easiest and quickest tool that I have used to curl long hair. You simply wrap your hair around the cylinder, close the brush and let the heat of the rotating tool do the work. Simply wait a few seconds, and release.  You can vary size of the curl by taking big sections for more of a wave, or smaller sections for a tighter curl. I usually go with more of a wave; waiting until the hair has cooled down after curling, and then brushing through before finishing with some hair spray.

Great Lengths Medium Oval Brush
With bonded extensions, you need to take extra care to ensure that your hair does not matte where it connects to your hair. For this, I highly recommend using the Great Lengths brush. The bristles are soft, and can gently glide over the bond to separate the strands of hair. It helps if you use this brush at least twice a day to ensure that you get as long as possible from your extensions.

Curling Pins
When I am going out, or just want a little bit of extra volume in my hair I use curling pins to set my curls. When I curl my hair using my InStyler, I let the curl fall from the cylinder, wrap it back up around my fingers and pin into place. I do this around my full head, hairspray them and leave to cool. Normally I do my makeup while I wait and get dressed. Once I am ready I release the pins and brush my hair out, which leaves bouncy wave.

Invisible bobbins
Recently I have fallen back in love with braiding my hair. I normally do this on day 2 or 3, when I want to have the top of my hair pulled back. There are so many styles that you can do but my favourite is the dutch mohawk braid. I normally do this and secure with an invisible bobbin. I think I picked this assorted pack up in Penney’s/Primark for about €2!

Revlon Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment
Literally every time I wash my hair, I spray this treatment and comb through. I have found that since I started to use it, my hair drys smoother and more silky then ever before. Not only that, but it smells AMAZING. It also protects against UV light and helps with detangling after washing also. A must have in my hair kit for sure!