Love Is In The…Ear?

This year Valentine’s Day was different, and for myself and himself, it was worth celebrating.

He surprised me with planning the entire evening. After greeting me with roses and spoiling me with some thoughtful gifts (no need to get into the soppy details!) we wandered over to one of our favourite wine bars, Stanleys. This is located on South Andrews Street and is a great place for a quiet catch up over a glass of vino or two. We indulged in a glass of Rioja before continuing to the main event in The Pig’s Ear.

Once we had been seated, we were offered a choice between a glass of champagne or a Kir Royal. We both chose the latter and enjoyed it while pondering the diverse choice on the Valentine’s menu.

For starters, I opted for the duck liver salad with beetroot varieties and blackcurrant. While he opted for celeriac with Apple. I never normally eat pâté so it was an odd choice for me, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was delicious and the different varieties of beetroot, added a pop of colour to the plate. That being said, however, himself had most definitely won round 1. The celeriac was crisp, fresh and light – the perfect way to start a meal.

Our main courses were just exquisite. We opted for the pork belly and venison. Both dishes were cooked to perfection, and the accompanying sides complimented them perfectly. The pork came with onion and black pudding and the venison with potato, courgette and beetroot. This was a close call but I think my choice came out on top for round 2.

I hardly had any room left for dessert but I managed to get a taste in to determine round 3. While he opted for the Black Forest mix (and cleared the bowl!) I chose caramelised apples, with rhubarb, nuts, honeycomb and chestnut icecream. It was Devine which brought the score to 2-1 to me!

We chose a bottle of Tempranillo which was almost too easy to drink to have alongside our dinner, and left the restaurant on cloud 9.