Healthy Holiday Hair: My Top 5 Tips


We all know how the sun, sea and chlorine wreak havoc on our hair. Especially those of us with colour treated locks. Since I’ve been travelling I’ve tried my best to give my mane the TLC it deserves. Here are my top tips:

1. Ditch the Heat Tools

I am a fiend for styling my hair daily (for my favourite products read here). If I haven’t just blow dried it, I’ve got my curler or straightener on hand to give it some oomph. However, I didn’t bring any of things away with me! Mainly because I couldn’t fit them in my backpack but also because I didn’t want to cause my hair any unnecessary further damage. Have I noticed a difference? Absolutely. My hair has grown, feels thicker and is definitely in better condition overall from the break.

2. Tie It Back

Not taking any heat tools away with me has been both a blessing and a curse. My hair is naturally a bit curly and when left to dry au natural it tends to get a bit out of control. That being said, once out of the shower I brush my hair through and tie back in a bun. This not only saves me looking like a crazy person as it’s drying, it also gives it a nice wavy texture that I can scrunch up for day two. Double win.


3. Rinse & Brush

When your in the salty water or chlorine your hair tends to get a little stiff and can matte together it left long enough. When it dries like this it can become a pain to untangle. The best solution for this involves rinsing your hair with fresh water and brushing it out before these particles have a chance to bond. This will save you a lot of effort, and help by not pulling on your hair later on. I always carry a brush with me!

4. Keep It Conditioned

The sun and salt water have a drying effect on your hair. That’s why it is super important to make sure that you keep your hair conditioned. I love the Revlon Equave Hydro Nutritive Detangling Conditioner. Not only does it smell AMAZING, it really gives your hair that extra bit of nourishment and protects the hair fibres against external aggressions. You can apply to wet or dry hair, comb through and there is no need to wash it out.


5. Treat Yo’self

At home I tend to use a hair treatment once a months or whenever it starts to look a little lack lustre. While travelling, I felt like this was a bit too long a break so went on the lookout for something I could use more frequently. Over this side of the world coconut oil is literally everywhere and is perfect for giving your hair that extra bit of love. Simply heat the coconut oil (not too hot!) and massage into your hair from roots to ends. Leave this in for about 1 hour before rinsing thoroughly with warm water. Your hair will be left soft, silky and smooth.

coconut oil

If any of you have any other tips for looking after your locks  let me know!


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