Foreo UFO 2 Review

This post is a collaboration with Foreo. The UFO 2 device and masks were sent to me in return for my honest, unbiased review. As always, all opinions, words and images are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

As a self-confessed face mask addict, I was delighted to be sent the Foreo UFO 2 smart masking device to review. This device combines state-of-the-art Swedish technology with Korean skincare formulas to deliver an at-home spa experience in less than 2 minutes. The term UFO stands for ‘Ur Future Obsession’, and I completely understand why it is so aptly named!

So, what’s different about UFO 2?

UFO 2 leads the way when it comes to innovation in skincare. The device itself makes use of several advanced technologies, including; T-sonic power, thermo-therapy, cryo-therapy and 8 wavelengths of LED, to tailor your treatment through your selected mask.

T-Sonic Power

In UFO 2, these pulsations penetrate deep into the skin and help to massage and exfoliate the skin without pulling on it. They also improve detoxification, leading to less puffiness and soften dark circles while also helping to smooth fine lines.


UFO 2 can warm up to 45°C. At this temperature, pores open, allowing the product to penetrate deeper into the skin while also loosening sebum (oil) on the surface. The warming sensation is quite gradual and it is so lovely on the skin.


UFO 2 cools down to 5°C. This tightens the skin, and closes the pores, while also having anti-inflammatory benefits.


Depending on the mask that you choose, you will receive a different LED treatment. Each colour brings with it unique benefits for the skin:

  • Red: Stimulates the production of collagen and firms the skin while also helping improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Blue: Treats imperfections by reducing oil production and helping to destroy the bacteria that causes acne.
  • Green: Helps brighten the complexion and improve overall skin tone.
  • White: Tightens and has a rejuvenating effect on the skin.
  • Purple: Eliminates toxins, boosts radiance and helps to heal the skin.
  • Orange: Eases sun damage and helps restore the skin.
  • Yellow: Improves overall skin tone
  • Cyan: Helps calm the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties.

You can try out each of these features within the device settings, which is a great way to see the warming and cooling functions in action.

Your step by step guide

Setting up your UFO 2 device couldn’t be easier. All you need is your UFO 2 kit, and your mobile phone.

Step 1

Download the ‘Foreo For You’ app from the app store. Create a profile, and register your device by connecting to it via bluetooth.

Step 2

Once you have connected the UFO 2 device, click the start button. Scan the barcode on your mask, which will then tailor the treatment for you.

Step 3

Open your selected mask and attach it to the UFO 2 device.

Step 4

Apply the mask. A soothing voice will guide you through the 90-second treatment, keeping you informed of what is happening at each step.

Step 5

When the treatment is complete, you have the option to repeat it. I find that the 90 seconds is enough, but I make use of any excess serum by tapping it into my face and neck.

Step 6

Remove the plastic ring from the device and throw away the microfiber mask. As UFO 2 is 100% waterproof,
you can rinse it and the plastic ring under warm running water. Leave to dry on the stand included until your next use.

UFO 2 Masks

My skin is quite dehydrated at the moment, and my main skin concern is probably my fine lines. So, I opted for a combination of the ‘Make My Day’ and ‘Call It A Night’ masks along with more targeted treatments for hydration and collagen production.

foreo ufo 2

Make My Day

This mask features a mix of red algae and hyaluronic acid and is ideal for setting your skin up for the day ahead. It protects and nourishes and uses both red and green LED.

Call It A Night

This mask is a rich combination of olive oil and rejuvenating ginseng, that nourishes the skin before bedtime. It uses red LED to stimulate collagen production and promote a smoother, more supple complexion.


This mask is infused with a highly-concentrated blend of active ingredients that deeply hydrate the skin and help retain moisture. A combination of red and green LED is used to revitalise and even the skin tone.

Youth Junkie

This ultra-rich age renewal complex deeply nourishes to give skin a firm, lifted appearance. Red LED is used to improve the overall skin texture and leave a radiant glow.

I adore these masks. All of them left my skin feeling hydrated, while also leaving a lovely, dewy glow on my skin. My makeup went on so beautifully after use, and when I used them before bed, I woke up with my skin feeling as soft as ever. I noticed a visible difference in the texture of my skin, particularly around my eyes. I will 100% be stocking up, and I don’t think I will feel the need to buy a sheet mask ever again!

While this was my first experience with Foreo products, it definitely won’t be my last. After using the UFO 2 for almost 6 weeks, I honestly believe that it is worth the investment. If you’re a skincare junkie like myself, the UFO 2 is a fantastic addition to your routine, with visible results. I have included links to purchase the UFO 2 and various masks below: