Vietnam: Where To Go & What To See

Vietnam is one of those countries that I have always wanted to visit. The last time I was over this side of the world I didn’t have enough time to go, and so I made it my mission to get here this time around! Getting There Rather than heading to Vietnam after Thailand – a more traditional route –

The Best Coffee In Chiang Mai

After spending a month in Thailand, I can hands down say 1. That I have missed good coffee 2. Chiang Mai has the best coffee in Thailand and even gives Ireland a run for its money! There is a huge coffee culture there and even since the last time I visited the number of trendy coffee spots has grown

One Week Travelling Cambodia

After moving around constantly over the past five months, we decided to spend the final week of our trip (kind of!) relaxing and really treating ourselves in Cambodia. We didn’t want to rush, so we decided to spend two nights in Phnom Penh and a further five nights in Siem Reap before starting our journey home. Phnom Penh Getting

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Just like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon as it was previously called is a crazy busy city filled with millions of people and millions of motorbikes! Ho Chi Minh is an incredibly historic city and this is clearly evident when exploring the region. Things to do Day trip to Mekong Delta A full day trip departing Ho

Hoi An: My Favourite Vietnamese City

Hoi An is definitely my favourite place in Vietnam. The vietnamese words “Hội An” translate as “peaceful meeting place” and this is still clearly evident today. Hội An is home to all of the lanterns that tend to takeover Instagram feeds when anyone visits. I was so excited to go and if I’m perfectly honest these lantern lit streets are just

One Night In Halong Bay, Vietnam

Made up of 1969 islands, Halong Bay is one of the most incredible natural landscapes that I have ever seen. It is clear why it has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Centre and chosen as one of the New7Wonders of Nature. Day 1 We booked a day trip from Hanoi for our chance to see this natural wonder. Our

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi is one of the largest cities in Vietnam. It has a population of 7.7 million and last year they had approximately 5 million motorbikes registered there. So, it is no surprise that the traffic is absolutely insane and crossing the road is nothing short of a small mission! Where to stay We stayed right smack dab in the
chocolate hills

Bohol Island, The Philippines

After our time in Cebu, we decided to head to Bohol island where we would stay for one night with my brother before leaving him to enjoy the rest of his trip. We took a two hour boat from a nearby port to reach the island, and were dropped at a port close to Alona Beach – a short
Sumilon Island

Dumaguete & Cebu, The Philippines

I was so excited getting on the plane to Cebu from Puerto Princesa. After two and a half months away from home, I was finally getting to see my brother. Although, initially the plan was for him and his girlfriend to join us. Life sometimes has a different plan! Instead he came along with us alone, and we had